Know your size

Bangles come in many sizes, but there are mainly 3 sizes - 2.4 (24/2-4/small), 2.6 (26/2-6/medium) and 2.8 (28/2-8/large). Although there are 2.2 and 2.10 also available, most of the ladies have one out of first three sizes.

Many people coming on our page have a problem, they don't know their correct size. You see, if you don't know the correct size, the bangles could be of no use for you, since you would not be able to wear them.

To solve this problem, we are presenting a simple chart and guide for you to know your size.

All you have to do is, find the bangle from your collection which best suit you. Now, just take a measurement of diameter of that bangle, and match that with below chart. You will easily find your suitable size from this chart.

If you find that your size does not have exact match in this chart, find the nearest match. If the nearest match is lower than your measurement and difference is minimal (2-4 mm) then you can use that size. Else, take the next bigger size. E.g. If your measurement of diameter is 5.75 c, then your suitable size is 2-4. If your measurement of diameter is 5.90 cm, then it would be suggested for you to get size 2-5.

This will ensure that you have a perfect sized bangles and you can wear them as long as you like them. Yeyyy :D

Because size does matter


Know your size